Maurice Colbourne

1972 - 1974

Maurice Colbourne
Co-founder, Actor, Director, 1972 – 1974

Maurice co-founded Half Moon Theatre in 1972 with Michael Irving and Guy Sprung. He performed in many productions, including In the Jungle of the Cities, Will Wat, If Not, What Will?, Heroes of the Iceberg Hotel, Sawdust Caesar, Dan Dare and Chaste Maid in Cheapside. He also directed several productions, including Silver Tassie, Alkestis, The Shoemakers and Pig Bank. He returned in 1979 to perform in Guys and Dolls.

After Maurice left the company his focus shifted to film and television. He is probably best remembered today for his TV work, which included roles in such diverse series as The Oneidin Line, Doctor Who and Van de Valk. His most extensive role was that of Tom in Howard’s Way. He died of a heart attack while mending the roof of his new holiday home in Brittany in 1989.

Interviews about Maurice

Rob Walker was Artistic Director of Half Moon Theatre in the later 1970s and early 1980s in Alie Street and on the Mile End Road. He talks about visiting the old synagogue on Alie Street in 1972 when his friend Maurice Colbourne tells him they are going to turn it into a theatre.