Participation has always been central to Half Moon’s work with its local community, growing year on year across its history to a stage where Creative Learning is a parallel and equal component of the theatre’s work alongside the professional productions created.

Over the course if its history, Half Moon has created opportunities for local young people to create their own performances and learn through drama workshops that deal with anything from numeracy to health and societal issues. Participation at Half Moon has also involved a variety of training courses for young people, who perhaps believed the theatre industry was out of their reach. Artist and artform development programmes at Half Moon have also helped push the boundaries of performances for young audiences and brought a diverse range of artists and artforms into the sector.

Youth Theatre

Since the first Half Moon show created and performed by young people in 1975, Youth Theatre has been central to the company's ethos of creating opportunities for local young people to make their own theatre in a professional environment.

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Throughout its history, Half Moon has developed a strong reputation for working with young people in local schools and community settings to offer creative approaches to learning and a chance to tackle difficult subjects sensitively through drama.

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Artist Development

Half Moon has always invested in the development of artists, from technical training courses to participatory facilitation programmes and artform development that pushes boundaries in performance created for young audiences.

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