Alkestis (1972)

Alie Street
7 Apr - 22 Apr 1972
Lesley Ward in Alkestis Lesley Ward in Alkestis
  • by Euripides

The second production by the Half Moon Theatre company at Half Moon Theatre, financed by the proceeds from the opening production, In the Cities of the Jungle.

Alkestis is a tragedy by the Greek playwright Euripides. It presents the story of Alcestis, the wife of Admetus, who according to Greek mythology sacrificed her own life in order to bring her husband back from the dead.

Maurice Colbourne, who directed and performed in the play, called it “a satirical piece about the conflicts between the individual and the public interest in a ‘democracy'”.

Thanks to the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama (APGRD) for the programme,

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Mary Sheen was a key member of the artistic team at the newly established Half Moon Theatre on Alie Street in the 1970s, performing in many plays. She talks Alkestis, the second production at the theatre, which only loosely fitted within the artistic vision. Interviewed by Toni Tsaera.

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