Guys and Dolls (1979)

Alie Street
1 Jan - 27 Jan 1979
Photo by Chris Davies Photo by Chris Davies
  • Music and Lyrics Frank Loesser
  • Book Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows
  • Based on book by Damon Runyon

A musical fable of Broadway based on a story and characters of Damon Runyon.

Set in Damon Runyon’s mythical New York City, this oddball romantic comedy – considered by many to be the perfect musical comedy – soars with the spirit of Broadway as it introduces us to a cast of vivid characters who have become legends in the canon: Sarah Brown, the upright but uptight mission doll, out to reform the evildoers of Time Square; Sky Masterson, the slick, high-rolling gambler who woos her on a bet and ends up falling in love; Adelaide, the chronically ill nightclub performer whose condition is brought on by the fact she’s been engaged to the same man for 14 years; and Nathan Detroit, her devoted fiance, desperate as always to find a spot for his infamous floating crap game.

Guys and Dolls features some of Frank Loesser’s most memorable tunes, including ‘Adelaide’s Lament’, ‘I’ve Never Been in Love Before’, ‘If I Were a Bell’ and ‘Luck Be a Lady’.

In an essay in his book Utopia and Other Places, Richard Eyre makes a number of telling points about Guys and Dolls. “I never saw a stage production until my own,” he writes, “not even the 1979 Half Moon Theatre production, whose director told me that Guys and Dolls was so good that not even a director could mess it up.”

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