Guy Sprung

1972 - 1975

Guy Sprung
Co-founder, Artistic Director, 1972 – 1975

Guy co-founded Half Moon Theatre in 1972 with Maurice Colbourne and Michael Irving and was the first Artistic Director. He directed the opening production of In the Jungle of the Cities. Other productions he directed included Will Wat, If Not, What Will?, Fall In and Follow Me, Get Off My Back, Ripper!, The 3p Off Opera and Paddy. He also directed the community productions Spare Us a Copper and Driving Us Up the Wall.

Before joining Half Moon Theatre, Guy was Assistant Director at the Schiller Theatre in Berlin. He returned to his native Canada in 1975, where he has been involved with many companies, including Artistic Director of the Toronto Free Theatre, founder of the outdoor Shakespeare in High Park, co-founder and first sole Artistic Director of The Canadian Stage Company, an Associate Director at the Stratford Festival and interim Artistic Director of the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company. He is currently Artistic Director of Infinithéâtre.

Interview with Guy Sprung

Guy Sprung talks about how the company began, who was involved and the early productions in Alie Street. Interview by Ollie Nesbitt. Contains some strong language.

Interview snippets

Guy Sprung at Half Moon, June 2016