Paddy (1975)

Alie Street
19 Mar - 26 Apr 1975
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PADDY: “…He bangs the sergeant a few quid. The sergeant gives a bit to Constable Clitheroe, and Clitheroe lets us kip down in the warm. That’s the arrangement…”

It’s an arrangement that leads to some very funny situations. Especially when Clitheroe gets transferred, and his new mum turns out to be very different indeed.

It’s all too much for Paddy and his wife, trying to get some sleep in their favourite Kings Road laundrette! Now wrap this zany plot up in an atmosphere or contempt for hierarchies and oppression and you’ve got a taste of the entertainment in store.

“An imperfect by striking play”
The Sunday Times

“Very funny and entertaining dialogue…penetrating observation”
The Morning Star

“It’s a study in tyranny and a clear incitement to revolution”
Hackney Gazette


Cast List

  • Alan Devlin Paddy
  • Alan Erasmus New Recruit
  • Stewart Harwood
  • Leonard Pearce Superintendent
  • George Innes Police Sergeant

Creative Team

Nora Connolly recalls performing in Paddy at Half Moon Theatre in Alie Street. Interviewed by Isabel R.