Fall in and Follow Me (1973)

Alie Street
10 Jul - 27 Jul 1973
Fall In And Follow Me Poster (from Steve Harris) Fall In And Follow Me Poster (from Steve Harris)

Dave Marson, a Hull docker, wrote Fall in and Follow Me about the East End Children’s Strike of 1911 and other children’s strikes which took place that year in Hull, Manchester and Liverpool. It was based on historical facts but attempted to go beyond them to construct the world of the time for the audience. The children in the play were striking over the use of corporal punishment in their schools, following the example of some of their parents who were striking dockers of the time. The play was set in and around Ben Jonson Primary School and included a cast of six local boys.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

Production photos and Reviews

Cast List

  • Yvonne Gilan Ben's Mother
  • Ruth Seglow Nitty Nora, Anna, Mrs Safairo
  • Raymond Campbell Ben's Brother, Journalist, Shopkeeper
  • Peter Porteous Policeman, Ben's Father, Shop Manager
  • Terry Meyer Teacher, Bookies Runner, Docker

Creative Team

  • Guy Sprung Director
  • William Dudley Designer
  • Sue Plummer Designer
  • Michael Mckenzie Stage Manager
  • Terrence Dougherty Music




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