Driving us up the Wall (1975)

Alie Street
24 Feb - 25 Feb 1975

The Half Moon Youth Theatre Workshops began in 1974. Murray Edmond and Peter Conway were employed to work with young people in youth clubs and community centres throughout Tower Hamlets. Following some work with a group of young people on the Isle of Dogs, Murray Edmond worked with the young people to write a play about the relationship between the police and the youth at the time, following a real-life incident where young people from the Isle of Dogs had stolen a forklift truck. The group called themselves The Tiller Road Theatre Group.



Cast List

  • Peter Sunderland Peter/Dad
  • Micky Sandys Micky
  • Micky Borg Les/Micky
  • Angie Stewart Angie/Judge
  • Andrea Stewart Dera/Clerk/Mrs Pain

Creative Team

  • Guy Sprung Director
  • Murray Edmond Theatre Workshop Coordinator
  • Peter Conway Theatre Workshop Coordinator
  • Peter Hartwell Production Manager
  • Lolly Schenck Lighting Designer

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