The Wind of Change (1987)

Mile End Road
11 Feb - 11 Apr 1987
Age range: 15-25
Wind of Change, The. Flyer (Front) Wind of Change, The. Flyer (Front)

It’s 1958, the time to be young in E1 – the clubs, fashion and music are swinging all the way to the ’60s. Ruth arrives from Jamaica to train for her SRN certificate at the London Hospital ‘to be the best Jamaican nurse since Mary Seacole’. But the attitudes that white people had to blacks was not something that Ruth was prepared for…

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection. This play is also listed on the National Theatre’s Black Plays Archive.

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Norman Goodman talks about The Wind of Change, Winsome Pinnock’s first play and how he enjoyed seeing writers and other artists working with the company. Interviewed by Beccy Allen.


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