Bombshell (1989)

Mile End Road
  • Author April de Angelis

Bombshell was presented as part of The East End Festival (TEEF) in 1989 by Act On It. Act On It was a network of drama workers in Tower Hamlets created to exchange information and resources. They set up the Bombshell project as an opportunity for ordinary local people of all ages, skills and backgrounds to work together on large scale production. Each community group was given a part of the play to rehearse and each dealt with a theme of the time.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Janet Fitzsimmons Jean
  • Tina Kelly Whelk Woman
  • Maxine Wotton Mae
  • Tariq Alivi Performer
  • Danny Jackson Performer

Creative Team

  • Dan Monck Designer
  • Geraldine Bone Costumes
  • Charlie Wakefield Programme Design
  • Jim Gemmel Lighting Designer and Stage Manager
  • Baharuddin Khelon Props



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