Steve Harris

Associate director
1984 - 1989

Steve Harris
Associate Director, 1984 – 1989

Steve was appointed Associate Director by Chris Bond in 1984 and given responsibility to develop a young people’s theatre programme. He wrote teachers’ resources for many productions, oversaw the Youth Theatres and worked closely with the youth and community teams across Tower Hamlets, playing a significant role in the success of The East End Festival (TEEF). Along with the local authority, he identified White Horse Road as a potential home for Half Moon Young People’s Theatre and helped bring the move to fruition.

Prior to joining the company, Steve was an actor and then a drama teacher. He regularly brought young people to see shows at Half Moon Theatre. He continues to work in arts education to this day.

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Interview with Steve Harris

Full interview. Steve Harris was Associate Director at Half Moon Theatre from 1985-1989 and as such was responsible for the young people’s programme and policy. Steve was interviewed on two separate occasions, first by Alexia-Pyrrha Ashford and later by Toni Tsaera.

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