The Third and Final Round (1984)

Mile End Road
10 Jul - 1 Sep 1984
The Third and Final Round flyer (1) The Third and Final Round flyer (1)

Once the Half Moon theatre… now the Mile End Boxing and Social Club.

Eddie Daly, with family in tow, steps back into the East End from the suburbs to repay one or two debts. He’s back on the manor- and still pulling strokes. But before the evening is out, the drama at the ringside threatens to overshadow the fights themselves…

Johnnie Quarell, for nine years a docker, has lived in the East End all his life. The Third and Final Round was his fourth play at the Half Moon Theatre.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

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Cast List

  • Sean Baker Desmond Marks
  • John Bardon Bennie Stone
  • Gary Whelan Eddie Daly
  • Tricia Thorns Sandra Daly
  • Dorian Healy Steven Daly

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Johnnie Quarrell was a former docker and bank messenger who wrote several plays for Half Moon Theatre. He talks about his play, The Third And Final Round, which he had been trying to get produced for many years and was finally taken up by Stuart Mungall. Interviewed by Rosie Vincent.

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