Need A Little Help (2015 – present)

White Horse Road
3 May 2015 -
Age range: 2-7
Need a Little Help flyer (Front) Need a Little Help flyer (Front)
  • Co-production Tangled Feet
  • by Devised by the company

Joe and Ella are a great team – they make each other laugh, help each other out and tackle all the chores their busy lives throw at them. But one morning things begin to change when Joe gets all tangled up and Ella has to start doing things alone. What will Ella do now? Will she be able to continue as before, or will it all get to much? If only she had a little help…

Based on the experiences of young carers, this piece explored what it means to look after someone else when you are young.  In a uniquely designed immersive space, the young audience helped the performers look after each other, stepping into the shoes of young carers.

Need a Little Help was a deeply moving and joyfully uplifting piece of interactive and physical theatre in co-production with Tangled Feet.

The production undertook two short national tours between 3rd March 2015 and 14th May 2016. The production will be revived in 2018 for two short tours. This will be a version of the original production especially adapted to be more flexible technically for non-traditional venues (i.e. community settings, libraries, nursery / school settings etc.).

Production photos (2015/2016 tour)

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Development phase 2015

Nathan Curry talks about Need a Little Help



Interview with Nathan Curry