Reflections (2008)

White Horse Road
Age range: 12 and under
Reflections - Workshop photo (14)

Reflections was an exciting participatory drama project which took place at five schools. This project used creative and innovative ways to develop communication and interaction and to explore the concepts of identity and self-image with young people on the autistic spectrum. This was achieved through close consultation and collaboration with teachers at the schools involved. With particular emphasis on inclusion and access, the title ‘Reflections’ indicated the project’s focus on self observation and understanding.

The project was led by a team of highly experienced drama and music tutors working with a video artist. It comprised a series of five experiential, cross-arts drama workshops designed to encourage the young people to make creative explorations of their physical, emotional and social identities. Four developmental workshops took place at each school and the final session took the form of a multi-sensory installation workshop at Phoenix School. In addition, throughout the project there was a joint scheme of work planned with teachers at participating schools.

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Reflections – Video; a resource for schools created as a follow-up to the project.