Creative and Media Diploma (2009)

White Horse Road
Age range: 14-19

The 14-19 Diploma was a new qualification launched by the government in September 2008 to offer work-related learning opportunities in different subject areas. One of the Diplomas was the Creative and Media Diploma.

Southwark Theatres’ Education Partnership (STEP) piloted a combined ‘Performance’ and Work Experience unit of the Creative and Media Diploma working in collaboration with Southwark Guarantee, Nina Birch, Southwark’s Drama Consultant and partner theatre companies including Half Moon. In January 2009 and December 2009, Half Moon delivered a two-week programme with two cohorts of Level 1 learners from Southwark College. Students worked with a director and specialist artists to write, design and light their own piece which included their own original music. In March 2010, Half Moon worked with learners from Tower Hamlets College on a similar programme.

In January 2009, the programme was visited by Ed Balls MP.


Ed Balls' visit to the Creative and Media Diploma


Creative Learning Producer, Beccy Allen talks about working with Half Moon Theatre on the Creative and Media Diploma in 2009 and the huge impact the project had on the young people, as well as on herself – it led her to wanting to work for the company. Interviewed by Toni Tsaera.

Southwark Creative and Media Diploma - Trailers

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