The Worlds (1981)

Mile End Road
24 Jun - 18 Jul 1981
Edward Bond's The Worlds - Poster Edward Bond's The Worlds - Poster
  • by Edward Bond

“You understand nothing. Yet the public means of explanation – press television, theatre… almost everywhere ideas are formed or information is collected, is owned in one way or another by people like you. Even our language is owned by people like you”
The character of Anna, in The Worlds

The Worlds was a Brechtian allegory that exposed the violence that underpinned the money that underpinned the institutions that underpinned the liberal myths of shared values and common humanity.

The head of a successful company now paralysed by a strike, is abducted by a group of terrorists who demand settlement of the strikers claim in return for his freedom. His board members see it as a golden opportunity to seize control of the company from the boss.

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Actor, Robin Soans talks about Edward Bond’s The Worlds at Half Moon Theatre on Mile End Road and how the production drew attention to what was happening in society at the time… Interviewed by Toni Tsaera.