Man Friday (1983)

Mile End Road
26 Jan - 3 Mar 1983
Man Friday Flyer front Man Friday Flyer front
  • by Adrian Mitchell
  • Music Mike Westbrook

A comedy with music by Adrian Mitchell.

In this lively satirical swipe at British imperialism, the Robinson Crusoe story was turned around and seen through the eyes of Man Friday. White man attempts to educate black man, but his affects don’t go quite the way he expects.

Robinson Crusoe is master of all he surveys on his island kingdom – musket, sunshade, Bible and, of course, Man Friday. He has a head full of power, guilt and fear, gagging the slave he is trying to teach in the name of God. But Friday plays him at his own game, turning the tables on his oppressor. Crusoe is the inhibited Puritan, Friday his down-trodden black salve. But suppose the slave has something to teak his master…

Production photos

Cast List

  • Christopher Asante Man Friday
  • Jonathan Hackett Robinson Crusoe
  • John Adewole Tribe
  • Jabu Mbalo Tribe
  • Felicia Nkomo Tribe

Creative Team


Regular audience member in the 1980s, Jacci Todd talks about Man Friday and the left wing politics of Half Moon Theatre. Interviewed by Toni Tsaera.

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