John Hegley: All Hail the Snail (and other creatures) (2018)

White Horse Road
2 Feb - 31 May 2018
Age range: 7+
John Hegley: All Hail the Snail (and other creatures) flyer John Hegley: All Hail the Snail (and other creatures) flyer
  • Half Moon Presents
  • by John Hegley

You’ve got no teeth.
You’re underneath
the roof that you carry around.

You can write with your trail
in the way of the snail
in your delicate D.I.Y. home.

Poet John Hegley took us on a humorous journey through his living library of poems, songs, stories and animal drawings. Audiences enjoyed the rhyme and rhythm of this mandolin-playing muse and his hilarious struggle with words, as they threatened to twist and turn out of his grasp.

The bespectacled author of 13 books is widely known as one of the country’s most innovative comic artists and this children’s show delighted adults and young people alike with its chaotic comedy and bewitching poems.

All Hail the Snail (and other creatures) featured live music from one of two eclectic musicians: Eleanor Moreton, who draws on folk, jazz and bluegrass, or Clare Elstow, whose influences include folk, baroque and ragtime.

Half Moon was delighted to present this new show created to celebrate the 35th birthday of Apples and Snakes, England’s leading organisation for performance poetry and spoken word.


Toured nationally as part of Half Moon Presents during 2018.

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