Hot Orange (2023)

White Horse Road
9 Nov - 2 Dec 2023
Age range: 13+
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It’s summer. It’s hot. Like really hot. Like ice pop after melting ice pops hot. Like orange midday sun hot.

Across the divide of a scorched basketball court two girls meet, shoot hoops and discover their shared obsessions make them inseparable friends. But will faith, growing pains and the darker reactions of others get in the way of that long, hot, orange summer?

A decade later the past walks back into view when 18-year-old Amina is confronted by her childhood best friend Tandeki. Can they reignite the spark of friendship by untangling their hurt feelings, or are some heartbreaks just too hard to mend?

Hot Orange follows Amina and Tandeki as they navigate what it takes to sustain love and friendship beyond childhood idealism and the moment you fall in love.

Hot Orange, by Amal Khalidi and Tatenda Naomi Matsvai, was a production from Half Moon, the UK’s leading small-scale young people’s venue and touring company. It was presented in their multi-award winning immersive theatrical style, exquisitely framed within an evocative soundscape.

Hot Orange was initially developed as part of Narratives of Empathy and Resilience, a major artform development project that took place in 2021 and was a continuation of Half Moon’s long-term ambition to create stories that reflect our diverse community, as well as support under-represented artists in developing their practice.

The show toured to ten venues in November and December 2023.

In November 2023 Hot Orange was nominated for two Off West End Theatre for Young Audiences Awards for:

⭐️ BEST PERFORMANCE | Tatenda Naomi Matsvai and Yasmin Twomey
⭐️ BEST WRITING | Amal Khalidi and Tatenda Naomi Matsvai

In January 2024 Hot Orange became a finalist in the Off West End Offies Awards for Theatre for Young Audiences.

⭐️ BEST WRITING | Amal Khalidi and Tatenda Naomi Matsvai

The awards will be announced on Sunday 25 February 2024.

The production contained references to attitudes and language choices expressing negative opinions about same-sex relationships.

Supported by The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation.

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