Marleen Vermeulen

Leaf production photo

Marleen Vermeulen worked with Half Moon from 2012-2019 and collaborated with us on three productions.

When Half Moon Theatre opened as a public venue in the late 1990s she performed all of her shows at Half Moon, including The Dream TreeMagic Sandals and Tiddalick.

Marleen’s company Tam Tam Theatre, which specialised in shows for young children, joined the Half Moon Presents touring portfolio in 2012 and we produced three of her shows on tour over the following seven years – Circles in the SandCurious and Leaf.

These shows did an incredible total of 597 performances across the UK performing in libraries, community centres, children’s centres as well as many venues and UK festivals. Her work was pioneering, being one of the first TYP artists to make work for babies and the very young. She acted as a role model for the many artists and companies who now make this genre of work. Marleen sadly died in 2022 following a long battle with cancer. She was 58. The TYP sector will miss her hugely.