Transitions (2008-Present)

White Horse Road
Age range: 10-12

In 2008, Tower Hamlets commissioned Half Moon to create a programme to help young people in the borough through the transition from primary to secondary school. The programme is still running and uses forum theatre to explore young people’s fears and aspirations about the move to secondary school.

The programme is structured into four sessions: gathering the young people’s fears about secondary school; presenting a forum theatre piece based on these fears; exploring the young people’s aspirations for secondary school and what they would like to leave behind them in primary school, starting secondary school with a clean slate.

You can find more information about the programme, which we are currently delivering, on the Half Moon website.

Workshop Photos

Creative Team


Project Video

This video was created to document the 2008 pilot Transitions programme, working with young people at St Paul’s Way Trust School and Stebon and St Paul’s with St Luke’s Primary Schools.

2017 Transitions team