Shattersongs (1988)

Mile End Road
Shattersongs Flyer (1)

Shattersongs was a musical play based on the Battle of Cable Street and was a community theatre production. It used cabaret-style songs, comedy and semi-surreal imagery to represent not just the Battle but contemporary anti-fascist activity. A highlight of the production was that the company managed to acquire a real lorry to represent the one turned over for use as a barricade in 1936.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Gina Abrahams
  • Olive Ageya
  • Judy Durrant
  • Christine Heard
  • Oona Hickson

Creative Team

  • Chris Bond Director
  • Ellen Cairns Designer
  • Felix Davies Lighting Designer
  • Graham Pike Musical Director
  • Simon Harper Stage Manager

Programme and Marketing



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