The Nightingale (2004)

White Horse Road
28 Jul - 31 Jul 2004
Age range: 6+
The Nightingale - Photo by Patrick Baldwin (2)
  • Author Hans Christian Anderson
  • Adapted by David K.S. Tse

Everyone at the imperial court was astounded when a plain little bird won the Emperor of China’s heart with her beautiful pure singing. To keep her close he imprisoned the Nightingale in a golden cage. But in the fickle court, she was soon ousted by a dazzling, jewel-encrusted mechanical bird. When death arrived to snatch the Emperor’s life away, who would save his ailing heart? This was a visually exciting production for families audiences, using dance, music and video.

The Nightingale was created by Yellow Earth Theatre as part of Half Moon’s Exchange for Change programme in 2004 and subsequently went on to be performed at the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

Production photos

Creative Team

  • David K.S. Tse Director

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