Colour (2014)

White Horse Road
5 Mar - 11 Mar 2014
Age range: 7-11
  • Co-production Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance

Turn the pages of a colourful journey as we take audiences through a storybook of adventures both comic and thought-provoking. Featuring a cast of twelve and with live music throughout, Colour is a series of four linked stories exploring young people’s emotions as they navigate the colourful spectrum and grey areas of friendships and families.

What does it mean if you see red? Do you ever feel blue? Have you ever told a white lie?

Are you sometimes green with envy? Can anyone really be tickled pink?

Developed to link with World Book Day ( and as a tool for schools to explore emotional literacy with young people aged 7-11, Colour was a playful exploration of what it is like growing up in 2014. The production continued Half Moon’s on-going collaboration with one of the UK’s leading drama schools, Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, following the collaboration on Dig and Delve and Scrub a Dub.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Sara Lessore Girl on the Beach/French Speaker in Refugee Scene/Female in Red Anger Scene/Musician
  • Jamie Hoskins Older Brother in Blue Boat/Guitarist in Red Anger Scene/Musician
  • Stephanie Rutherford Ice-cream Girl on Beach/Trombonist/Musician
  • Luke Thornton Ice-cream Boy on Beach/Boy in Garden/Musician
  • Paddy Daly Father in Baby Blue Scene/Bully/Boy in Red Anger Scene

Creative Team

  • Chris Elwell Director
  • Adam Robinson Lighting Designer
  • Ingrid Nordahl Designer
  • Mura Tierney Assistant Director
  • Remi Bruno Smith Production Stage Manager


Chris Elwell has been the Director of Half Moon Theatre on White Horse Road since 1997. He talks about the company’s work with Higher Education Institutions, in particular creating shows for young audiences with students from Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance. Interviewed by Kavana Joyett.

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