After the Storm (1990)

Mile End Road
18 Apr - 21 Apr 1990
  • Author Sue Frumin

We took 40 east end residents, playing 100 characters (including animals, mermaids and limpets) and told their story of fun and adventure in the jungle, on the high seas, on the sea bed and on the Ocean Estate, following the journey of Hassan and Joy, twins separated at birth, from East to West.

Drawing on carnival, pantomime and Hindi film styles as inspiration, After the Storm dealt with the themes of immigration, separation and destruction of the environment in an east end epic which celebrated The East End Festival in 1990. This was a community and youth performance and the last that took place at the Half Moon Theatre on Mile End Road.

Marketing Materials

Cast List

  • Bola Adesina Mermaid
  • Lynne Allison Emily
  • Chris Arnephie Poonam
  • Silma Ashton Joy
  • Dino Bachan Hippo

Creative Team

  • Tony Gouveia Director
  • Anne Edyvean Associate Director
  • Elizabeth Lynch Associate Director
  • Khelon Bahar Uddin Associate Director
  • Roger Hing Musical Director


Stage Designs

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