Yeah, Whatever! (2000)

White Horse Road
31 Jan - 7 Apr 2000
Age range: 13+
Yeah, Whatever! Flyer Image (Front) Yeah, Whatever! Flyer Image (Front)
  • by Ashmeed Sohoye
  • Music Asian Dub Foundation
  • Co-production Half Moon and Palace Theatre Watford

Football and frozen chips – are those the goal posts which mark out Desmond and Asif? Destined for glory – or forever to remain the target for trainer thieves and parents?

Yeah, Whatever! was an anthem for a dislocated new generation asking questions about their cultures, home, school and life. A witty, subtle tale of the everyday experience of teenagers challenging their own and their parents’ assumptions exploring the confusion felt by young people who are really trying to be themselves.

Yeah, Whatever! fused the language of the street with the language of the characters’ parents – English, Urdu, Hindi and Sylheti – creating a dynamic theatrical statement for the Millennium.

Aimed at teenage audiences, this production toured nationally including a run at the co-producer’s venue.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Nina Bhirangi Armani
  • Glen Hill Desmond
  • Daniel Hope Asif

Creative Team

  • Chris Elwell Director
  • Jessica Curtis Designer
  • Louise McDermott Stage Manager