The Voyage of the Dolphin (1986)

Mile End Road
1 May - 31 Jul 1986
Age range: 6-8
Voyage on the Dolphin, The. Poster Voyage on the Dolphin, The. Poster

WANTED: Crew for a short voyage. A simple voyage – or does the Captain have other plans? What will happen to the stowaway?

The Voyage of the Dolphin was a Theatre in Education Programme designed primarily to get children directly involved in meeting some of the assumptions made about gender roles and behaviours. The story was set aboard ‘The Dolphin’ in the mid-19th centruy. Once the children agreed to be recruited as crew they were be involved in a variety of activities.

It did 33 performances to 936 children, visiting schools in Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Southwark.

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Norman Goodman was the Education Worker at Half Moon Young People’s Theatre from 1985 to 1989. He talks about The Voyage of the Dolphin, which explored the empowerment of girls. Interviewed by Beccy Allen.