Trafford Tanzi (1980)

Mile End Road
6 Jul - 29 Aug 1980
Trafford Tanzi Poster Trafford Tanzi Poster

“The Stage is a wrestling ring and the story in it is full of blood, sweat and laffs. In 8 rounds we see Trafford Tanzi growing from Battered Baby to Queen of the wrestling ring, and finally grunting and grappling her heart out to stay wrestling, stay working and stay sane in the fight of her life- against her husband. Never mind the Marriage Guidace Council, this one will be decided by 2 falls, 2 submissions or a knock out.”

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Audio Interview: Bernadette Garrett talks about Alie Street and Mile End Road

Bernadette Garrett ran the box office at the Half Moon Theatre on Alie Street and Mile End Road over a six-year period. Bernadette talks about the systems they used; productions she saw including Pal Joey and Trafford Tanzi; the involvement of young people and the move from Alie Street to Mile End Road.



Memories of Half Moon Theatre