The Mother (1973)

Alie Street
8 May - 27 May 1973
The Mother Poster The Mother Poster

The Mother is taken from Maxim Maxim Gorky’s 1906 novel of the same name. Steve Gooch provided a new translation for the Half Moon production, which was its first professional production in England.

The production opened at the Half Moon Theatre and then toured to The Roundhouse in July 1973. In the play, Brecht utilizes narrative, irony, the juxtaposition of self-proclaimed ‘truths’ to reveal their flaws, the concretizing of complex ideas into dramatic events, an understanding and simple presentation of human behaviour, and a comedic optimism that things can be changed and that reason and common sense will overcome fear and superstition. Vlassov is Brecht’s entirely positive major character, who endures a long and difficult road to liberation.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Helen Brammer Butcher's Wife/ Landlady
  • Kevin Costello Ivan Vesovchikov
  • Michael Irving Karpov, Nikolai Vesovchikov
  • Alex Leppard Pavel Vlasov
  • Philip McGough Commissioner, Smilgin, Vasil Yefimovitch

Creative Team

  • Jonathan Chadwick Director
  • Di Seymour Designer
  • Julian Silverman Music
  • Meg Kelly Stage Manager
  • Andy Montag Wardrobe Supervisor


Programme and Marketing


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