The Dragon (1972)

Alie Street
1 Aug - 26 Aug 1972
Dragon, The - poster and programme cover Dragon, The - poster and programme cover
  • by Yevgeny Schwartz
  • Translator Harold Shukman

Yevgeny Schwartz’s 1943 fairytale parody of prejudice and totalitarianism told the story of a town terrorised by a dragon who, for more than 400 years, had demanded the annual tribute of a maiden. The inconveniences of a dragon rule were compensated for, in the opinion of the mayor, by the fact that his deputy was kept in check by the dragon. No wonder everyone except a black cat was mistrustful when a knight called Lancelot threatened the 400-year old institution.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Yvonne Gilan Cat
  • Graham Rees Lancelot
  • Alison Mullin Elsa
  • Terence Bayler Charlemagne
  • Michael Irving The Dragon

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