The Cat-Astrophic Adventures of Dollop and Crinkle (2021 – present)

White Horse Road
8 Mar 2021 -
Age range: 7-11
  • Co-production Apples and Snakes and Half Moon Production
  • by Henry Madd, Kirk-Ann Roberts, additional text by Rosemary Harris

When Crusty and his scruffy cat Dollop arrive on Supreme Street, things will never be the same again. After meeting their neighbours, Dr. D and her spotless feline Crinkle, things quickly get out of hand. Soon there’s a full-scale battle of words, tinned beans and cooking pots, fuelled by misunderstandings and the inability to listen to others.

This spoken word poetry show is heartfelt, provocative and full of quirky humour, telling the action-packed story of new friendships and adventures that go cat-astrophically wrong.

The Cat-Astrophic Adventures of Dollop and Crinkle is a Half Moon and Apples and Snakes co-production: an exciting collaboration by the UK’s leading small-scale young people’s theatre company and England’s leading spoken word poetry organisation, commissioned in association with SPINE Festival 2021.

The production was delayed due to COVID-19 and rehearsed to be filmed only in March 2021; the production was then re-mounted in June 2021 to undertake a blended live and digital tour for the re-scheduled SPINE festival across London libraries, following a short opening series of performances at Half Moon.

The production toured again in March 2022 for the SPINE 2022 Festival.


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  • Henry Madd Performer
  • Kirk-Ann Roberts Performer

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