Regeneration (1989)

Mile End Road
18 Apr - 20 May 1989
  • by Jonathan Moore

‘I believe in coincidence. Regeneration was the name of the play and regeneration was what we were trying to achieve at the Half Moon. It’s was a exciting new play and this was a exciting time at the theatre.

Jonathan Moore’s play put many voices and stories on our stage, the voices and stories you heard  in the pubs and on the streets of Docklands or on the Tyne quaysides of Newcastle, in Liverpool, Glasgow or Bristol docks. The stories were local and universal at one and the same time. We re-generated ourselves in their telling.

The play was the centrepiece of our new programme which was bracketed at either end of the week by cabaret on Tuesdays and music on Sundays. Friday and Saturday nights we presented late shows. This was the ‘other side of the Moon’. Welcome to Regeneration!’

John Turner

Production photos

Cast List

  • Michael Kingsbury Miles
  • Jim Dunk Cranley
  • James Harkishin Mick
  • David Glover Meadows
  • Tony Collins Peter

Creative Team

  • Jonathan Moore Director
  • David Blight Designer
  • Kevin Sleep Lighting Designer
  • John Turner Producer
  • Peter Brennan Assistant Director


John Turner was Artistic Director of Half Moon Theatre on Mile End Road from 1989 to 1990. He talks about Regeneration, a play about the redevelopment of London’s Docklands. He describes how it portrayed the story of the local dockers and the contemporary challenges for the local community of the regeneration of the Docklands. Interviewed by Rosie Vincent.

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