People are People (2016)

White Horse Road
9 Dec - 12 Dec 2016
Age range: 13+
People are People People are People
  • Half Moon Presents a Floods of Ink production
  • by devised by the company

A powerful exploration of gender identity.

Genderfluid, trans, asexual, cisgender, nonbinary – what do these terms mean? What does it mean to be ‘male’? Or ‘female’? And what if these labels just don’t fit who you are?

Welcome to the Normalisation Centre – a world where personal identity is scrutinised by an invisible authority figure and being processed sometimes involves a difficult choice. Analysing mythology and folklore, the system presents different global and historical perspectives on gender identity – but the instruction always remains the same: you must pick one.

An evocative soundscape and physicality combined in People Are People, which wove new writing and the real voices and stories of young people, into a powerful exploration of gender identity.

The performance was immediately followed by a talkback/Q & A session, giving audiences an opportunity to discuss the creative process and the themes raised in the production.

People Are People was developed in consultation with specialist gender equality and diversity charities The Great Initiative and Metro: Embracing Difference.

A micro-site for the show is available at:

A Floods of Ink production toured nationally as part of Half Moon Presents.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.


Creative Team

  • Kate Radford Director
  • Dougie Evans Sound Designer
  • Chris Elwell Creative Consultant / Dramaturg
  • Phil Clarke Lighting Designer and Production Manager
  • Joseph Perkins Designer

Production Photographs

Artwork and Rehearsal Photos


Press cutting


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