Woyzeck/Mahagonny/Chobam Armour (1979)

Alie Street
6 Aug - 29 Sep 1979

Woyzeck by Georg Büchner
An adaptation of the classic working class tragedy. In a sense no ‘play’ is a period play. It has its own unique moment within its own unique time and place. So with translation. You have to end up, whatever the approach, with an English play, for an English audience, now.

Mahagonny by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht
A political-satirical opera on consumerism. Three criminals on the run find they can go no further and found a city – Mahagonny, city of gold. The destitute and the disenchanted flock to Mahagonny.

Chobham Armour by Robin Soans and the Company
Armour was a series a series of short inter-weaving scenes created as a response to the Songspiel Mahagonny. 

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