M for Medea (2013-2015)

White Horse Road
13 Oct 2013 - 29 Aug 2015
Age range: 13+
  • Half Moon Presents a Floods of Ink producion
  • by Devised by the company

What makes us do the things we do? What are the consequences when love, jealousy and revenge are pushed to the extreme? M for Medea is a contemporary retelling of Euripides’ Medea, which explored the lengths that people will go to when they think they are right; posing questions that are often unanswered when experiencing love. A modern story of betrayal that kept you audiences on the edge of their seat.

Featuring visceral movement interspersed with evocative contemporary language and a pulsating music score, M for Medea was framed within a simple, haunting stage setting.

A Floods of Ink production which toured nationally as part of Half Moon Presents, and supported by Rose Bruford College.


Production Shots

Cast List

Creative Team

  • Chris Elwell Creative Consultant
  • Hester Schrofer Movement
  • Rob Manning Composer
  • Mikhail Sound
  • Pete Gregson Music


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