Lukhail Hati – The Secret Elephant (1992)

White Horse Road
1 May - 1 Jul 1992
Age range: 4-7

“Sailing east, sailing west, sailing over the ocean”…Follow the woman explorer and her trusted friend, hedgehog, as they cross the oceans in search of the last elephant in the world. See disappearing mountains and walking talking rose bushes.

Lukhail Hati – The Secret Elephant, was one of a series of bilingual Theatre-in-Education plays presented by the company in English and Sylheti-Bengali.  It was a story about identity and courage and explored what can happen if you think, “What if I am the only one?”

This production toured to schools.

Find out more about Sylheti-Bengali and English bilingual theatre

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

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Jenny Sealey was an actor and member of the Half Moon Theatre’s young people’s company in the 1980s. She talks about the bi-lingual production, Lukhail Hati – The Secret Elephant and the impact upon Deaf audiences. Interviewed by Rosie Vincent.

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