Kola Pata Bhut – The Hopscotch Ghost (1993)

White Horse Road
29 Apr - 4 Oct 1993
Age range: 6-8
Kola Pata Bhut - The Hopscotch Ghost Poster Kola Pata Bhut - The Hopscotch Ghost Poster

You’re in school, it’s break time! 20 minutes of freedom. Play a game, be a friend, be a winner, be a loser, be in charge… It’s your turn. But games are not quite as easy or innocent as they might seem on the surface.

We meet Shanaz – first into the playground, first at everything, and tantalising Maryiam with an invitation to the opening of her Uncle’s sweet emporium: a sweet shop beyond everyone’s dreams…

But then Razia comes on the scene: dazzling, bright and new, sweeping Shanaz away. And Maryiam is left – without an invitation after all – to play alone… Things are not what she had hoped. But while playing on her own, Maryiam stumbles upon a new friend Kola Pata – The Hopscotch Ghost… Will this provide a fairytale ending? Who will be going to the opening of the sweet emporium after all?

Through the use of games, rhymes, songs, humour and a strong playful narrative, this production cleverly wove an uplifting story of love, friendship and loyalty through the helpful medium of a ghost.

Kola Pata Bhut – The Hopscotch Ghost, was one of a series of bilingual plays presented by the company in English and Sylheti-Bengali. This production toured to schools.

Find out more about Sylheti-Bengali and English bilingual theatre

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

Production photos

Cast List

Creative Team

  • Christopher Baldwin Director
  • Christopher Ellis Musical Director
  • Sue Mayes Designer
  • David Belshaw Teacher's Pack


Designs and Music

Programme and Marketing



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