Gotcha! (2002)

White Horse Road
15 Oct - 7 Dec 2002
Age range: 5-10
Gotcha! Flyer (1) Gotcha! Flyer (1)
  • by Adrian Page

“This is where things get really, really scary. I looked at the front, scary, I looked round the side, scary, I looked around the back, very very scary.”

A spooky house, a lost ball and a brother and sister for whom things are about to take a sinister turn.

Gotcha! was the story of Sarah and Sam and a very strange old man on a mad mission to transform himself back into a child when lightning strikes.

This comic, contemporary Frankenstein tale was full of fast action, laughs and some serious thrills, and toured nationally to venues.

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Cast List

  • Tom Daplyn Old Man Kensey
  • Shelley Atkinson Sarah
  • Stephen Leslie Sam

Creative Team


Designer, Alison Cartledge talks about the set design for Gotcha!, a comic tale about a contemporary Frankenstein for 5 to 10 year olds. Interviewed by Toni Tsaera.

Memories of Half Moon Theatre

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