Glisten (2018 – present)

White Horse Road
9 Feb 2018 -
Age range: 0-18 months
Glisten flyer front Glisten flyer front
  • Half Moon Presents a Daniel Naddafy production
  • by Daniel Naddafy

Come in, relax, find a space and settle.
Slowly, a shimmering surface emerges.
What does it look like?
How does it move?
Listen, what can you hear?      
Welcome to a world of shiny things.
Welcome to Glisten!

Glisten is an interactive performance for babies aged 0-18 months and their grown-ups.  The audience are taken on a gentle and immersive journey that explored the world of reflective materials wrapped up in a soundscape of evocative yet laid-back music. Audiences watch as the empty space of the theatre is filled with colour, sounds and surprises, creating a sensory landscape ready to explore after the performance was over.

Glisten is performed to a small audience creating an intimate and unique theatrical experience, stunningly co-created by theatre-maker Daniel Naddafy and visual artist Phoebe Stubbs.

Glisten initially toured nationally from 9 February to 31 March 2018 as part of Half Moon Presents. The production has continued to tour for short periods into 2022.

Production photos (2018)

Cast List

  • Daniel Naddafy Performer
  • Simon Victor Performer (2019)
  • Jonny Khan Performer (2021)
  • Alessio Bagiardi Performer (2022)

Creative Team

  • Daniel Naddafy Director
  • Phoebe Stubbs Designer
  • Chris Elwell Creative Consultant / Director
  • Phil Clarke Lighting Designer and Production Manager
  • Stephen Beeny Artwork, Marketing and Photography


Rehearsals (2019)

Production photos (2021)

Production photos (2022)

Reviews and audience comments

Audience comments

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Interview with Daniel Naddafy