Different Lands, Different Stories (1997)

White Horse Road
3 Feb - 28 Mar 1997
Age range: 4-8
Different Lands, Different Stories Flyer Image 1 Different Lands, Different Stories Flyer Image 1

Travel with Half Moon across the lands of this world. See stories of adventure unfold. Weaving the language of Sylheti-Bengali and English, this production presented new devised versions of two stories of courage and daring – Philbert the Fearful (adpated from the story by Jay Williams) and Unanana and the Enormous One Tusked Elephant.

This production made a tour of venues and schools across London, and was the last in a series of bi-lingual shows presented by the company.

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You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

Programme and Marketing

Cast List

  • Tuhin Mohammed Performer
  • Shadin Khosru Performer
  • Willie Elliott Performer

Creative Team

  • Marts Suarez Director
  • Darren Cheek Director
  • Charlotte Garrard Designer


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