Crowded (2019)

White Horse Road
7 Mar - 22 Nov 2019
Age range: 13+
Crowded tour flyer Crowded tour flyer
  • Co-production Apples and Snakes and Half Moon
  • by Desree, Laura Rae and Slam the Poet, with additional text by Rosemary Harris

How do you sort your head out when it gets too crowded in there?

It’s the beginning of summer and the community festival is in full swing in the local park. Everyone is there. Crowds queue but among the smiles and excitement lies something that could spoil this party…

Developed in direct response to the growing number of teenagers in the UK struggling with their mental health, Crowded told the story of ordinary young people whose anxiety, depression and desire led to harmful and destructive behaviours.

Giving voice to emotions that are often unspoken due to social stigma, Crowded was a powerful, funny and uncompromising story presented in a striking spoken word show by three exciting young poet performers: Desree, Laura Rae and Slam the Poet, with additional text by Rosemary Harris.

Crowded won Best Production for Young People Aged 13+ at the OFFIES, the Off West End Theatre Awards, on Sunday 8 March 2020.

Crowded was originally commissioned in association with SPINE Festival and toured London libraries in March 2019. The production was adapted for an immersive theatre tour in autumn 2019.

The production contained themes that some people may have found distressing.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection. This play is also listed on the National Theatre’s Black Plays Archive.

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  • Desree
  • Laura Rae
  • Slam the Poet

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2020 OFFIES Ceremony


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