Blowback (2005)

White Horse Road
21 Sep - 5 Nov 2005
Age range: 13+
Photo by Patrick Baldwin Photo by Patrick Baldwin
  • by Emily Nightingale

“Alone at last I watch baby Calum sleep….. He wakes and I try to help him walk. I do monkey moves and juggle in the air. He laughs and I look away. I look back. I look around. I shout out his name. My heart begins to speed up and then I see him – on the far side of the roof. His steps are small and wobbly. He falls. My breath is trapped. I run to where he’d been. I hesitate. I look. Thirteen floors beneath me Calum is lying face down. I cannot hear a thing. Who has switched off the sound?”

London in the future, in a world of divided loyalties and dwindling resources. 20 year old Paul, his girlfriend Sufia, and his little sister (a teenage mum) Leah face a tragedy, which forces them to make decisions that will change their lives forever. Blowback hard-hitting piece for teenagers was about race, love, despondency, accountability and responsibility and toured nationally to venues and schools.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Patrick Thornton Paul
  • Louise Leone Leah
  • Babita Pohoomull Sufia

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