At the Edge of the Sky (1994-1995)

White Horse Road
8 Nov 1994 - 18 Feb 1995
Age range: 13+
At the Edge of the Sky Flyer (Front) At the Edge of the Sky Flyer (Front)

We meet four young people and a 60 year old man setting out in search of courage. The ancient place, the site of traditional pilgrimage, not only offers its visitors miracles but also holds family secrets of a darker kind. When 17 year old Katherine Brennan’s best friend Eve returns unexpectedly, everyone is forced to reassess their lives, values and priorities. Katherine must make a choice – should she cling to the familiar as her father has done all his life – or reach out for the unknown, with all its possibilities of happiness?

At the Edge of the Sky was a production for teenagers about the courage we all need to take the first step into the unknown, a step imbued with fear. The play explored how fear keeps us tied to the things that are familiar, the belief that if we step into the unknown we will lose everything we have known, loosing what we know to be safe and loving.

This universal love story, set on the fictional island if Ab Grian Mor off the west coast of Ireland, provided a rich geographical landscape to the universal themes of family, courage, love and passion.

At the Edge of the Sky toured into schools and youth settings.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Janet Bamford Katherine Brennan
  • Colm O'Neil Jimmy Brennan
  • Mia Leahy Evanna Donnelley
  • Sean Raine Foxy Nolan
  • Andy Sinclair Barry Michaels

Creative Team

  • David Belshaw Director
  • Simon Slater Musical Director
  • Kevin McKeon Designer
  • Dee Kyne Lighting Designer
  • Jane Mackintosh Stage Manager


Lin Coghlan was a writer-in-residence at the young people’s company in the late 1980s when Half Moon Theatre was on the Mile End Road. She wrote At The Edge Of The Sky for the company in the 1990s and talks about how the young audiences reacted to the themes in the play. Interviewed by Toni Tsaera.

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