A Common Woman (1989)

Mile End Road
7 Feb - 4 Mar 1989
A Common Woman - Poster A Common Woman - Poster

A one-woman show with vivid comments on the female condition in three very different pieces. In one a woman dons pink and escapes domestic servitude to enjoy free love. In another a housewife turns on, drops out and joins a commune; smoking a joint she confesses all to a priest. In the third, sitting alone on a chair under a spotlight, in a quiet controlled voice, a woman relates her experience of a gang rape.

The Plays

Bless me Father for I have Sinned. 

A church in Dublin. Set in the early Seventies – in the aftermath of Flower Power and amongst the first stirrings of the Women’s Liberation Movement.

The Rape

The play is set anywhere, anytime, it could happen to any woman.

Coming Home

A foggy evening on a London Housing estate – 1988

Production photos

Cast List

Creative Team

  • Sharon Miller Director
  • Andrea Montag Designer
  • Jeff Harrison Lighting Designer
  • Trevor Dunford Sound
  • Alison Fowler Company Manager

Programme and Marketing


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