Winsome Pinnock, writer of The Wind of Change, Photo by Amrando Atkinson

Winsome Pinnock

Winsome Pinnock is an award-winning playwright and dramaturg. Her work has been produced on the British stage and internationally since... View Article

Johnny Clark

Johnny Clark was involved at Half Moon Theatre, first as an Actor in 1974 and then as an author in 1975.

Chris Searle

Chris Searle was a Tower Hamlets teacher and a writer who became a member of the management committee of Half... View Article

Fin Kennedy

Fin Kennedy was involved at Half Moon Theatre as an Author from 2006 to 2008.

Shamim Azad

Shamim was Writer-in-Residence at Half Moon Young People’s Theatre in the early 1990s.

Alan Gilbey

Alan is a Tower Hamlets local. He was one of Chris Searle‘s students and was part of the Basement Writers Group.... View Article

Joseph Coelho

Joseph Coelho

Joseph Coelho is a performance poet and playwright who worked with Half Moon Theatre from 2014-2018, working on four productions:... View Article

Rosemary Harris

Rosemary Harris is a Director, Author and Creative consultant involved at Half Moon Theatre.

Johnnie Quarrell - Outside Alie St (1)

Johnnie Quarrell

Johnnie was a former docker and bank messenger who wrote several plays for Half Moon Theatre.