Justin Allder

Justin Allder is a drama facilitator and film-maker who has worked on a range participatory projects with Half Moon Theatre... View Article

Daryl Beeton and Beccy Allen

Daryl Beeton

Daryl Beeton is an actor and drama facilitator who worked for Half Moon Theatre before becoming Associate Director at Half... View Article

Nora Connolly

Nora Connolly is an actor who was involved in Half Moon for many years, performing in the play, Paddy, and... View Article

Martin Heaney

Martin Heaney is an academic who worked on a number of participatory projects at Half Moon Theatre in White Horse... View Article

Paula Manning

Paula Manning was Associate Director at Half Moon Theatre in the late 2000s, with a particular responsibility for the early... View Article

Selina Jeremiah

Selina Jeremiah is a workshop facilitator who participated in Workbound, a training programme for workshop facilitators at Half Moon Theatre... View Article