David Belshaw

Theatre Team Director
1993 - 1996
Photo by Richard Dean

David Belshaw
Theatre Team Director, 1993 – 1996

David joined Half Moon Theatre in 1990 to work on Positive Knowledge, a drama in education programme raising awareness of HIV/AIDS. He became Education Unit Co-ordinator for Half Moon YPT. When Deborah Bestwick left in 1993, David was appointed Theatre Team Director. His directing credits for Half Moon Young People’s Theatre include At the Edge of the SkySecret Elephant, Wimp and Waking.

Since leaving Half Moon, David has taken a Master’s Degree in Screenwriting at University of the Arts London and has worked as a scriptwriter for television. He is currently International Scripted Producer at BBC Worldwide.

Interview with David Belshaw

David Belshaw joined Half Moon Theatre as a workshop leader, two weeks before the company went into administration in 1990. He later became Education Manager, then Theatre Team Director at Half Moon Young People’s Theatre when the company moved into White Horse Road. Interviewed by Rio Puffett.

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