Theatre of Change

Eclipse Youth Theatre, July 2016

What Do We Want?

6.30pm, Thursday 30 June 2016
4pm, Saturday 2 July 2016

Eclipse Youth Theatre, one of Half Moon’s inclusive groups for young people aged 8-11, focused on some of the company’s productions and participatory projects which explored social change through revolution and social movements.

They used as their stimulus:

Will Wat, If Not, What Will? (1972)
We Can’t Pay? We Won’t Pay! (1978)
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist (1983)
Dear Suraiya… Love Rehana (1984)

Production photos

What Do We Want?

Eclipse Youth Theatre devised their own show inspired by some of the iconic productions from across the 44-year history of Half Moon Theatre.

What Do We Want? was performed as part of the Stages of Half Moon Festival on 30 June and 2 July 2016.

Rehearsal photos

Stages of Half Moon Festival

A short video about the Stages of Half Moon Festival, featuring extracts from our four Youth Theatre productions, interviews with some of the young people and images of our exhibition.

Stages of Half Moon Music

Composed by James Grant.