Spirallina’s Tail (2004)

White Horse Road
28 Jul - 31 Jul 2004
Age range: 6-8
Spirallina's Tail - Photo by Patrick Baldwin (2)
  • Author Mandy Colleran

In this specially created environment, the audience was introduced to the fantastical world of Spirallina, a mermaid who was living on land. She was alone, but loved to engage with people, to tell them about herself and her life.

When she looks at herself Spirallina knows she is different. She is not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Is it ok to be different? Is it better to be the same as everybody else?

This piece was developed by Mandy Colleran as part of Half Moon’s Exchange for Change programme in 2004 and subsequently went on to tour London in Autumn 2005.


Production photos

Cast List

  • Mandy Colleran Spirallina

Creative Team

  • Stacey Makishi Deviser
  • Sally Hampson Visual Artist

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