Oceans of Stories (2001-2002)

White Horse Road
9 Aug - 10 Aug 2001
Oceans of Stories - Flyer (Front)

Oceans of Stories was a collaboratively devised performance piece inspired by Half Moon’s extensive work with the immediate local community: the Ocean Estate. Following six months of workshops with local women, a group of artists created a new performance to depict a tapestry of life-stories. Half Moon conceived Ocean of Stories as a community development programme for women whose children attended the Youth Theatre groups. Many of the women saw Half Moon as a place where their children could participate in activity that enriched their experiences and developed their confidence and were keen to take part themselves. Using traditional techniques of storytelling and tapestry, the women were given a safe space in which to find a voice to tell their story. The professional production was borne out of the women’s histories, realities and aspirations.


Cast List

  • Marva Alexander Pear
  • Claire Askam Rice
  • Norma Dixit Flower
  • Catherine Mobley Fish

Creative Team

  • Chris Elwell Writer
  • Tracy Bickley Fulton Director
  • Madelon Schwirtz Designer
  • James Cartwright Lighting Designer
  • Kelly Budge Projections

Programme and Marketing

Oceans of Stories Slides

Oceans of Stories Script